STGC Football Program

STGC Football Program

Sports play an integral role in the broadening concept of education for children. It is a crucial part of a student’s growth and development. Sports helps both physical and mental development. Through participation in sports students gain experience such as teamwork, accountability and confidence which is helpful in shaping their personalities. School sports, especially in high school, is an investment for life.

However, St. George’s College football program suffers from lack of funding. As a result, the program has regressed. It is no longer in the competitive bracket compared to schools such as Jamaica College and Kingston college. The secondary school football landscape has changed dramatically. Schools heavily recruit overseas students/players for their football programs. Competitive schools offer students boarding and money for ancillary services.

High School students worldwide are looking beyond their high school years and hoping to become professional footballers or receive scholarships to universities overseas. This means they want to be part of a winning team that attracts attention. St. George’s College students are no different and we should support them and give them a fighting chance against other candidates. There is a need for change.

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