Greetings Knights.

I must start off by wishing Principal Campbell, her staff and support team every success they so
richly deserve. I want to wish all the Chapter Presidents continued success as you continue to make
invaluable contributions to our beloved Alma Mata. I must applaud the Sports Council led by
Lascelle Powell for the not only making themselves more visible but for coming up with innovative
ways to raise funds so that they can effectively support the various spots disciplines.

I also want to thank the STGC OBANE Board for the hard work that they put in daily, the personal
sacrifices made and please know that it’s greatly appreciated. Most importantly I want to thank
you KNIGHTS, both current and past students, without your continued and growing support none
of our achievements would have been possible.

The St George’s College Old Boys’ Association of the North East remains committed to its
mandate, to provide financial support or otherwise to St George’s College and to contribute to
developing the mental, social, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being of the student body.

STGC OBANE has had relative success this past year 2023 in terms of raising funds. I cannot
emphasize enough how your continued support is crucial to meeting our goals. I want to thank you
for supporting our Mega Drawing and Roper Cup New York 2023. You can always make
contributions via Zelle: or Please note that our
website is currently being upgraded. Please feel free to browse at your leisure.

I must make mention of the continued collaboration between all chapters and the hope is that OBAs
will be stronger and will always united.

We look forward to continue supporting the young Knights in 2024 and as always we welcome
your continued support.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam ~ For The Greater Glory Of God

Warren N. Grant – STGC OBANE President

President’s Message – STGC OBANE