2018 U 19 ISSA Rugby Finals….STGC(24) beats Jonathan Grant(21)

It was a brutal game lasting over 2 hours as the two teams locked horns. You feel tired just by watching this game!!

STGC started well scoring 12 points early in the first half. Jonathan Grant who have very fast players, got back in the game near the end of the half. The first half ended 12-12.

In the second half, the game swung back and forth. STGC dominated for long periods but just couldn’t make the touchdown. After full time and extra time it was still 12-12.

STGC would win the game in sudden death penalty shootout ending the game at 24-21.

This is not a sport for the feeble. It is a contact sport in a very real sense. Unfortunately, three STGC players suffered significant injuries; a fractured ankle, a bruised rib and a dislocated shoulder. Jonathan Grant also had three significant injuries; two players with dislocated shoulders and another with a badly contused sternum. It was tough going!!!

Congrats to the STGC Rugby Nights and coach Huntley Anderson.

Four straight year as Champion.

That’s not bad going!! You worked hard for the win.

STGC Photography

2018 Rugby Finals