2019 Roper Cup NY

St. Georges – KC Roper Cup NY Edition  – Saturday September 7th 2019

St. Georges College Old Boys Association of the North East had the 2nd Annual Roper Cup NY on Saturday, September 7, 2018 at Idlewild Park, Rosedale Queens, NY.


Neville ‘Bertis’ Bell Youth invitational – Bronx Youth over Central Brooklyn

HS invitational
Calabar 3 – JC 2

HS invitational (masters)
Calabar 3 – JC 2

Foggy Burrows (O40 masters)
KC 2 – STGC 2 (trophy shared)

Roper Cup New York
STGC 3 – KC 2

Thanks to everyone who helped out today
Chris C on soup and food
Kofi and wife on gate and parking
Tyrone and Leacroft on merchandise
David C on food and soup

Roper Cup NY 2019 02